The Lady with the Silver Hair

Why is it that we are all so obsessed with dyeing our hair?
Why is it that we are afraid of getting older ?
Why is that we want to hide our wrinkles ?
At Udd we truly believe in embracing yourself, your true self and evolving over time into the best version of what you can be!

“I pay tribute to that little girl who is constantly told by society that she is not beautiful. For the older woman who hides behind her mask and colors her grey hair. And to the senior woman who feels that her wrinkles are a negative reminder of growing older.

Know that you are all beautiful, just the way you are. Let the radiance you were born with shine through.”
― Alyscia Cunningham

Seen Above Geetarsh in our "Gaja" saree radiating with her silver-grey hair !

 Geetarsh in our "cosmos calling" dupatta with "off-white" set 

Geetarsh in our "cosmic rider" dress 

We hope these pictures inspire you to free yourself from perceptions created by society. We would want you to accept and love yourself with all its imperfections, for there can never be another version as beautiful as you!