The Patels from USA

The Patels from USA is a special feature for us - 

The entire family has been part of the Udd tribe for years and continue to believe in our work. What started off as just a business relationship has now turned into a beautiful friendship as we become a part of all their intimate family celebrations. 

Nothing can give us greater joy !

The below series of photos are special not only because they co-ordinate their Udd outfits for a family function but also the fact that their spirit and bond comes through these picture postcards. 

Sisters and Sister-in-laws, all in Udd and in the happiest colours of-course :) 

Bijal and Kavita 

Viral and Hina

If you are happy and you know it do some garba !

Bijal, Kavita, Asmita, Hina, Viral - 

The Patel Family In Udd

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as they did taking them for us!