Powerful women entrepreneurs

We are proud to have Minal as a part of the Udd tribe. 

This is a little glimpse into her home and her personality. An owner of one of the most popular schools and hotels in Mumbai and a woman entrpreneur herself, Minal's idea of life resonated with us and no doubt why she got attracted towards Udd and the tribe. 

As they say, " birds of a feather, flock together !"

Styling her, has been such a treat.  

Minal with her son who is also wearing Udd. 
Minal is wearing our "Big Bang dress". It is perfect for a brunch date with your girl friends. A vintage choker and tie up flat sandals is just the right amount f accessory you need for this outfit . 
We ended the morning chatting away on this beautiful white bench with sun beans streaming down our faces and beads of tired sweat trickling down our backs knowing that we will be doing this again soon !