After years on the hamster wheel of crowded Mumbai trains and endless hours at work, Yuti was exhausted.

She escaped to find sanity in nature every chance she got, and on weekend retreats into pastoral life with her husband Atul, Yuti’s trusty notebook was never far from her side. Inspired by nature and the ever-changing cultural landscape of rural India, she covered the pages with sketches and doodles.

She was sitting at a friend’s farm one day four years ago, after she’d run through her 7th notebook, when Atul said she should seriously consider bringing her designs to life. It was a casual statement, but Yuti felt stirred to make a change. Soon she found herself quitting the 9-to-5 life and taking the plunge. Three months later, she had her first art show.

At her second show, women kept coming up to her and telling her how beautiful her art would look on textiles. Atul and Yuti began to discuss how they could take Yuti’s art to the medium of fabric.

What followed were months of learning about Indian art, textiles and dyes with Atul and Yuti working completely in sync with each other, scouring markets across the country and delving deeply into indigenous art and culture.

And finally their shared love for Indian art, folklore and colour, and their faith in each other, led to them to take the intuitive next step.
So Udd, a name that embodies freedom, was born.

It’s a brand for the free spirited woman, who lives life with fervour. It’s also a brand for the artist and Udd has set out to create a community of India inspired tribal, rural and urban artists, translating their talent into unique Udd pieces of wearable art.

The designs are a confluence of ancient knowledge, traditional techniques, and modern technology. And the journey has taken Yuti, Atul and the Udd tribe from learning indigenous crafts from weavers in Bhuj to breathing new life into the fading artistic traditions of the Warli people, and intriguing collaborations with artists abroad.

For Yuti, to have stumbled upon a passion that has changed her whole life has truly been a precious gift.